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Sleeping Terrors

Sometimes I have dreams that terrify me. While they are nightmares, that isn’t what scares me the most about them. Of course, there is the sort of heart-pounding feeling when I wake up like you would have with an ordinary nightmare, but what is terrifying is what comes after I’m fully awake and thinking about the nightmare.

The other day (or night, I can’t remember actually), I had a dream about the daughter and grandchildren of one of my friends. While I know the daughter and grandchildren, I haven’t seen, talked or thought about them for a long time, nor have I spoken to my friend in awhile. It was an extremely troubling dream. I don’t want to go into details*, but it is something that totally could or could have happened. It did have a mystical ending, but something that still is conceivable even in real life. Most people, I think, would just brush it off and forget about it. I can’t. And that’s where the terror is.

I keep turning it over and over in my mind. Why was I dreaming about them? Why did I dream that? Is it a premonition? Is there really such a thing? If it is something that is going to happen, what do I do about that and how do I know?

Now, if you ask any of my friends, they’ll probably tell you it means nothing because I have some pretty bizarre dreams that often involve people around me, but still I can’t let it go. I haven’t been able to share it with the people that I usually confide my dreams/nightmares to yet, so they haven’t been able to reassure me. I hope they can.

*The person whom this dream was about could very likely read this post and I don’t want to upset her.

4 Responses to “Sleeping Terrors”

  • Megan :

    Have you ever had a premonition before? If not, you’re probably not starting now.

    You might think about what the people in the dream mean to you, and what the “action” of the dream might be a metaphor for in your life. Dreams are usually your brain’s way of trying to work out problems.
    Megan´s last [type] ..Light Show

  • Shelli :

    Megan–I have had a premonition before, but it has been a long, long time. Someone suggested it’s because I watch too much true crime TV and that’s probably true. I need to stop, but I’m addicted. sigh

  • cathy :

    Boy do I ever hear ya ! I have had doozies in my time and occasionally they come true. It’s scary as hell. I’d prefer to have dreams of sunshine and rainbows but it doesn’t work that way I guess.
    cathy´s last [type] ..Updates

  • Shelli :

    Cathy–It is a really creepy feeling.

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